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Paint & Coatings
Paint and solvent usage monitoring is a critical component in the quality assurance program of any automotive plant. Conflow Technologies can provide measurement technology such as positive displacement and coriolis mass meters that best
suits your process application. The Flow Technology industrial "impeller" style flow meter offers simplicity of design and ultimate ease of cleaning in paint recirculation lines.
Sealant/Coatings/Adhesive Dispensing
High viscosity sealants and adhesives measurement is a challenging task. These products can be abrasive and are dispensed in very small quantities at pressures up to 6000 psig. Feedback to the control system that the correct
amount was applied is essential to the quality assurance program. The Flow Technology industrial "impeller" style flow meter shines in this application.
Stamping and Cutting Fluids
Precision measurement of lubricating fluids used in stamping, hydro-forming and cutting applications can reduce operating costs and increase quality control.
Process Integration
Our fully qualified service team are capable of complete configuration, design & integration of flow measurement, control systems, valve, pump, pressure and temperature measurement, air elimination, filtration, level control, online samplers, and analytical instruments.
Fluid Fill
Actaris Neptune flow meters are the industry choice for precision dispensing of automotive
washer, transmission and coolant fluids. High viscosity axle grease measurement can be accurately dispensed using the Flow Technology industrial "impeller" style flow meter .
Ultra Pure Water Measurement
Hoffer Flow Controls turbine meters are the industry leader of flow measurement solutions for WFI/RO water.
Test Systems
Conflow Technologies has supplied measurement solutions for power steering, transmission, cooling, fuel, filtration, and compressor components.
Batch Processing
Whether you are controlling a batch process by manually closing a valve or using an automated recipe management system with data acquisition, Conflow Technologies can provide you with the sophistication your process needs to run as efficient and accurate as possible.
Gas Flows
Plant air, argon, natural gas and nitrogen can be measured using the Fox Thermal Instruments mass flow meter. Fox Thermal Instruments utilize their unique Power Pro sensor for performance where it counts – accuracy and repeatability!



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