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  Conflow Technologies Inc. specializes in volumetric calibrations and is a registered service provider for Weights and Measures Canada.
We provide in-house and on-site liquid calibration services using traced calibration standards.
You use precision equipment to optimize & evaluate process plant efficiency. An error of 1% over 10,000 liters will result in 100 liters of product lost or gained depending on the error bias of your measuring device.
Conflow Technologies is a supplier of liquid flow metrology services to various industries including the pharmaceutical, food and beverage, cosmetics, dairy, agriculture and more. Our flow meter validation certification and calibration services provide a verified audit trail for your quality assurance program.
Conflow Technologies prime standard provers are directly traceable to Industry Canada Weights and Measures Standards. We have numerous stainless steel prime provers and measurement standards to accommodate liquid flows ranging from 0.1 to 2000 liters a minute. Calibration reports are supplied with each test and are traced directly to the national standards of Canada. It ensures the proper maintenance of your quality assurance standards.