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Dairy Receiving Systems
Conflow Technologies high capacity PD5010 milk reception systems are industry leaders in performance and technology. Our systems are Industry Canada Weights and Measures approved. All of our custody transfer systems use the Proces-Data PD340A electro-magnetic flow transmitter, which is renowned for its accuracy. Both systems are equipped with Conflow Technologies proprietary air elimination system, sampler, and automated controls.
Direct Load Dairy Farm Systems
Conflow Technologies has developed the industry’s first approved on-farm direct load measuring system. The PD4000FS system utilizing the PD340A custody transfer
approved electro-magnetic flow meter, and a custom programmed process computer, both of which are Industry Canada Weights and Measures approved instruments.
Cream Loading System
Cream is one of the most valuable products produced in a dairy. Knowing this, we developed the PD4000FS precision tanker loading system using the Proces-Data PD340A precision electro-magnetic flow meter, an air elimination system, and PD4000 process computer. This is system is unmatched in loading accuracy and reliability.
Batch Processing
We offer a wide selection of flow meters including from Proces-Data, Hoffer Flow Controls, and Actaris Neptune to suit your application and batching needs.
Process Integration
Conflow Technologies has over 20 years experience supplying custom engineered controls systems to the agriculture industry. Our fully qualified service team are capable of complete configuration, design and integration of flow measurement,
control systems, valve, pump, pressure and temperature measurement, air elimination, filtration, level control, online samplers, and analytical instruments.
Online Blending
Our system dynamically blends products without stopping the process. As a result, space requirements for batch tanks are reduced. Conflow Technologies has considerable expertise in blending and micro blending. For CO2 and Air Injection, the Fox Thermal Instruments mass flow meter is the ideal solution. Gas flows for injection of air for ice cream are directly controlled, thus eliminating the need for pressure or temperature compensation.
Water Consumption and Waste Water
Conflow offers stand-alone and integrated solutions to track water usage throughout your process. Turbines from Hoffer Flow Controls offer a reliable, inexpensive and accurate solution. Wastewater magnetic flow meters are available from Hoffer Flow Controls in sizes up to 120 inches.
Field Calibration and Validation Services
Our laboratory is equipped with a number of mobile volumetric provers which are traced directly to Industry Canada Weights and Measures standards. We also manufacture and rent secondary standards which are used extensively in field calibrations. Certificates of calibration and complete reports are issued with each device upon which the calibration was performed.
Portable Measurement Solutions Conflow Technologies’ BC210PA liquid management system is a battery powered, portable magnetic flow meter ideally suited as an in house or on site measurement standard for flow meter validations, and tank calibrations.
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