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The Conflow process integration team provides complete process development and integration services to assist you in tackling your most difficult process applications. Our integration team is equipped to supply turnkey solutions for your process control needs including batch, blend, data acquisition, and process automation.
Custom programming in a PLC, Fieldbus Protocols or Windows® environment are available. The devices that Conflow Technologies regularly integrate include flow measurement, control systems, valves, pump, pressure, temperature, air elimination, flow, filtration, level control, online samplers, and analytical instruments.
Plant Automation
Conflow Technologies can provide automation projects of varying scales and this can be the plant-wide automation solutions.
Batch Processing
Conflow Technologies offers a wide range of solutions ranging from a stand-alone system to a fully automated recipe management system with data acquisition and destination capabilities. We are also your source for load cell integration and control.
Blend Processing
Online blending systems utilize two or more flow meters and our specialized controllers to dynamically blend products. This offers distinct advantages over most processes traditional batch methods. Space requirements for batch tanks are reduced; process efficiency and productivity are increased.
Applications include, reactants, colour additives, product enhancers, high gravity brewing, juice concentrate blending and micro-ingredient injection. Off the shelf controllers from Contrec or custom systems can be engineered to maximize your process efficiency.