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You are welcome to request the hard copy of catalogues, operating / maintenance manuals and engineering documents of the products that we manufacture or distribute. Please submit your requirement either by e-mail sales@conflow.ca or through our online documents requisition channel as follows:
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Product Data sheet / Manual Product Data sheet / Manual
Electro Magnetic Flow Meters     
PD340 Electro Magnetic Flow Transmitter        
BC210PA Portable Magnetic Flow Meter    /     
Nor-Mag Industrial Magnetic Flow Meters    /     
Turbine Flow Meters     
HO Series Turbine Flow Meter-Gas    /     
HP Series Insertion Turbine Meter-Gas    /     
API Series Turbine Flow Meter-Gas    /     
MF Series Mini-Flow Turbine Meter- Gas    /     
HO3A Series Sanitary Turbine Flow Meter    /     
HO Series Turbine Flow Meter-Liquid    /     
API Series Turbine Flow Meter-Liquid    /     
HO Star Series Industrial Turbine Meter    /     
MS Series Mini-Flow Turbine Meter-Liquid    /     
TEFLON Series Corrosive Service Turbine    /     
ACE Series Cryogenic Service System    /     
Positive Displacement Meters     
DC-F Series Sanitary PD Meter    /     
DC-I Series Precision PD Meter    /     
DC-E Series Economical PD Meter    /     
Low Flow Trickle Meter    /     
HP-I Series High Pressure PD Meter    /     
BL Series Extreme Pressure PD Meter    /     
OMG & OME Series Volumeter Flow Meter    /     
Ultra Sonic Flow Meters      
Transi-Flo I Ultrasonic Flow Meter   /     
Transi-Flo II Ultrasonic Flow Meter   /     
Thermal Mass Flow Meters      
FT2 Thermal Mass Flow Meter   /     
10A Thermal Mass Flow Meter   /     
SW100 Flow / Level Switch   /     
Signal Conditioners      
CAT 1, 4-20mA Signal Conditioner   /     
CAT 2, Versatile Signal Conditioner   /     
CAT 3, Intelligent Signal Conditioner   /     
Rate Indicator & Totalizer      
202D Field-Mount Rate Totaliser   /     
202A Loop-Powered Rate Totalizer      
HIT-2A, Rate Indicator & Totalizer   /     
HRT-1 Rate Indicator & Totalizer w/ HART   /      
Batch Controllers      
414 Series Batch Controller   /     
Engineering Integration   /     
M-4KSA Sanitary Sample Valve   /      
K34-2120 Sanitary Sample Valve   /     
PD5010 Sanitary Reception Systems   /     
PD4000FS Sanitary Farm Loadout System   /     
PD4000DS H.S. Fertilizer Loading System   /     
PD4000HS H.S. Loading System   /     
6000 Chemicals Management System    /