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Onboard Marine Diesel Consumption
Fuel consumption is a major cost in the operation of a large vessel. When a displacement vessel is pushed beyond its maximum hull speed, fuel efficiency is severely compromised. Fuel consumption is also indicative of the actual work done by an engine, its efficiency and maintenance requirements. Conflow Technologies has partnered with Kral Gmbh and Opdaq Systems. Kral is a world leader in the design and manufacture of precision flow measurement instruments. They specialize in fuel consumption systems. Opdaq Systems is a syste integrator specializing in the marine and power generation fields Our systems are designed for a rugged environment and can be interfaced with on-board engine management systems or can be used as a stand-alone system. Return on investment can be as little as six months depending on the ship’s service and operational tasking.
Inventory Control
Conflow Technologies offers a wide range of flow metering systems for inventory control and fuel management. For vessels using #2 diesel or MDO, Kral manufactures the precision OME series high precision flow meters that are temperature and viscosity compensated in sizes from ½ to 1 ½”.
They can be installed to measure incoming fuel as well as fuel distribution and consumption throughout the vessel.
Bunker and Blended Fuel Consumption
For vessels using bunker or blended fuels, Kral OMG series meters are the optimum solution. They meters offer unparalleled precision and are not affected by temperature, viscosity, or vibration. They can be interfaced with our BEM800 vessel management system or installed as a stand-alone system.
Fuel Custody Transfer Systems
Tanker and offshore supply vessel loading, off-loading, and ship refuelling require accurate measurement systems. Industry Canada Weights and Measures approved Coriolis mass meters and Hoffer Flow Controls API turbine flow meters are available to accommodate these marine application.
Turbine Powered Vessels
With the move to high-speed vessels, turbines are becoming the engine of choice for performance versus weight. Turbine engines use highly refined diesel fuel. Fuel consumption is high, relative to reciprocating engines, increasing the importance of precision measurement instrumentation. We have specialized meters that will monitor and record your fuel consumption and help improve your engines efficiency.
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