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Conflow Technologies has extensive experience supporting the measurement needs of the mining industry. Our customers throughout North America attest to the quality of our process
solutions. Hydromet processing technology has increased the level of sophistication required in mine process instrumentation. Some of the more common measurement applications are:
Fuel Inventory Control
Fuel management is one of the highest variable expenses in a remote mining operation. Cost of transport, limited seasonal site access, and environmental concerns make fuel inventory control critical. We can provide flow measurement and data acquisition solutions for an entire site including ship unloading, terminal management, distribution management and usage monitoring systems. Temperature compensated approved turbine flow meters are well suited to most of the fuel monitoring applications you may encounter. Coriolis mass flow meters provide an even greater measurement precision. Our positive displacement fuel meters are a preferred means for providing tank truck mounted fuel measurement.
Gas Flows
Mine air, oxygen, argon, natural gas and nitrogen can be measured using the Fox Thermal Instruments mass flow meter. Fox Thermal Instruments utilize their unique Power Pro sensor for performance where it
counts – accuracy and repeatability!
Tailings Pipe Line
Magnetic flow meters combined with an Energy Solutions leak detection system ensure the environmental integrity of a tailings pipeline.
Depending on the chemical characteristics of the particular reagents in use, a choice of mass, turbine, magnetic or positive displacement flow meters is available
Power Generation - Fuel Consumption Monitoring
Diesel fuel consumption is the largest operating cost in a remote power generation system. Conflow’s fuel consumption system is specifically designed to assist
in reducing the cost of maintenance, maximizing efficiency and ensuring that diesel gensets meet their specified fuel consumption guarantees. We are proud to be one of the pioneers in remote power generation fuel consumption monitoring.
Water Consumption and Waste Water
Conflow offers standalone and integrated solutions to track water usage throughout your process. Turbine meters from Hoffer Flow Controls offer a reliable, inexpensive and accurate solution. Wastewater magnetic flow meters are available from Hoffer Flow Controls in sizes up to 120 inches.
Hydromet Process Measurement
The high-pressure applications involved in Hydromet processing technology are ideally suited to high-pressure measurement products such as the Hoffer Flow Controls Turbine flow meter for oxygen and liquid applications.
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