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  Silver Jubilee
Conflow is happy to celebrate 25 years of exemplary service as metrology specialists and solution providers.
  Excise Approval
Conflow becomes the FIRST company to develop a fully integrated approach to alcohol cutting and achieve Excise Canada approval under new, stringent standards
  Diesel Exhaust Fluid
Conflow achieves Measurement Canada approval for bulk loading and unloading of Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) and becomes the first company to do so.
  Mass Flow Meter Calibration
Our laboratory acquires a certified digital scale enabling us to conduct accurate, traceable calibration for mass flow meters. Contact Sales for details.
  New Technologies Onboard
Conflow is considered by industry and by its peers to be a leading edge company in the development of unique metrological and automation solutions. Besides developing and manufacturing our own systems, we represent some of the world's top manufacturers of flow measurement and control instruments. Furthermore, we service all of our equipment both in-house and in the field.
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