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1988 Incorporated in 1988 providing flow metering and control solutions to the Dairy and Beverage Industries
Incorporated in 1988
1990 The FIRST company to develop and achieve Measurement Canada certification on an Electro-magnetic based milk receiving system
1991 The FIRST company in Canada to own a Sanitary 2000 Liter volumetric mobile prover
1992 Expanded into the chemical and industrial sectors
1993 Commenced research and development of Custody measurement and control systems for liquid fertilizers
1994 Commenced research and development into fuel consumption systems for large diesel engines in conjunction with partner companies
1995 The FIRST company to install temperature and viscosity corrected net fuel consumption systems in the Canadian Arctic
1997 Purchased additional proving equipment in order to further research and service client demand
1999 The FIRST company to achieve Measurement Canada approval for stationary and mobile dispensing systems on liquid fertilizer products
2001 The FIRST and ONLY company to achieve Measurement Canada’s approval for mobile dispensing systems on complex admixture chemicals
2002 Commenced the development of traced sanitary in house water based flow bench to further metrological research
2004 The FIRST company to achieve NIST/NTEP approval for Dairy Farm direct load system for in the United States market
2006 The FIRST company in Canada to install a fully computerized direct traced volumetric lab water based calibration facility
2007 Commenced the development of a Menu Based automated High Speed Fertilizer Loading System for the Western Canada marketplace
The FIRST company to achieve Measurement Canada Approval for a menu based high speed fertilizer loading system
2009 The FIRST company in our category to attain Measurement Canada Registered Service Provider Certification
2010 The FIRST company to develop a fully integrated approach to alcohol cutting and achieve Excise Canada’s approval under new, stringent standards
The FIRST company to achieve Measurement Canada approval for bulk loading and unloading of Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF)