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Oil and Gas Production Well Injection: Liquid Carbon Dioxide, Cement/Sand Slurry, Water and Well Fracturing with Nitrogen Gas can be measured using a Hoffer Flow Controls wing nut high pressure or grooved .
end turbine flow meter for pressures up to 15,000 psi
High Pressure Methanol Injection: Injection in deep water wells is critical in the prevention of lines freezing. Flow Technology positive displacement flow meters are an effective answer where detection of fluid loss is essential.
Subsea Measurement: The measurement of hydraulic control fluids for valve actuation and blowout prevention, as well as mud and sea water under extreme conditions requires a highly customized flow meter. Hoffer Flow Controls is a leading supplier of customized solutions for harsh environments at depths of more than 10,000 feet!
Support Ship Fuel Measurement: The Kral system was specifically designed to assist in reducing the cost of maintenance, maximizing efficiency and ensuring that diesel engines meet their specified fuel consumption guarantees. Factory calibrated, temperature compensated, high precision net fuel measurement and data acquisition are provided by Kral. Conflow Technologies has extensive experience in support-ship fuel consumption.
Refining an Petrochemical
The Refining and Petrochemical Industries are the largest users of precision measurement instruments. Catalyst injection, chemical reactor injection, gas flow measurement, batching, blending, and custody transfer are process applications that Conflow Technologies provides measurement solutions and work for!
Pipelines and Terminals
Leak Detection: Pipeline integrity and the detection of any leaks are essential for both revenue loss and environmental safety. Insertion Turbine meters from Hoffer Flow Controls provides a low cost of
installation, simplified maintenance and negligible pressure drop for your process.
Custody Transfer Meters: These meters are the cash registers of the petroleum industry. Whether for use on transfer skids, for loading trucks and rail cars, or to simply provide extreme precision in a pipeline measurement application, the Hoffer Flow Controls API series turbine flow meter is here to help.
Lube Oil Blending and Loading: is a challenge for most flow meter technologies due to changes in viscosity. Coriolis mass meter is not affected by changes in viscosity, temperature, or density and provides the ideal solution for lube oil products. With an Industry Canada Weights and Measures approval, it can be utilized for your tank loading applications.
CNG: This continues to be the fastest growing fuel source in North America. Whether you require a meter on a pipeline for product transfer, for usage measurement or for aromatics injection, Conflow Technologies has a complete line of solutions.
Insertion Meters for Leak Detection in pipelines provides several advantages including: low cost, negligible pressure drop, and simplified installation! The Hoffer Flow Controls insertion turbine has provided all these advantages on thousands of miles of pipelines at velocities up to 50 fps. We can provide leak detection software from third party experts for a turnkey solution.
Process and Petrochemical Gases Air, oxygen, propane, natural gas and nitrogen are just a few of the gases which can be measured using the Fox Thermal Instruments mass flow meter. Fox Thermal Instruments utilize their unique Power Pro sensor for performance where it counts – accuracy and repeatability!
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