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Ultra Pure Water Measurement
Hoffer Flow Controls turbines are the industry leader of flow measurement solutions for WFI/RO water.

Batch Processing
Whether you are controlling a batch process by manually closing a valve or using an automated
recipe management system with data acquisition, Conflow Technologies can provide you with the sophistication your process needs to run as efficient and accurate as possible.
Process Integration
Our fully qualified service team are capable of complete configuration, design and integration of flow measurement, control systems, valve, pump, pressure and temperature measurement, air elimination, filtration, level control, online samplers, and analytical instruments.
Pill Coating
Air and liquid flow control are critical in pill coating applications. Repeatability and response time are critical in this challenging process. Hoffer Flow Controls turbine flow meters can be used on both the liquid and air streams. For even greater precision, a Coriolis mass meter can monitor the percent solids, concentration, and density in addition to the liquid’s mass flow rate.
Gas Flows
Pharmaceutical air, oxygen, natural gas and nitrogen are among the many gases that can be measurable using the Fox Thermal Instruments mass flow meter. Fox Thermal Instruments utilize their unique Power Pro sensor for
performance where it counts – accuracy and repeatability!
Our system dynamically blends products without stopping the process. As a result, space requirements for batch tanks are reduced. Conflow Technologies has considerable expertise in blending and micro blending.
Portable Measurement Solutions
Conflow Technologies’ BC210PA liquid management system is a battery powered, portable magnetic flow meter ideally suited as an in house or on site measurement standard for flow meter validations, and tank calibrations.
Field Calibration and Validation Services
Quality assurance regulations and FDA requirements continue to become more stringent. Our laboratory is equipped with a number of mobile volumetric provers which are traced directly to Industry Canada Weights and Measures standards. We also manufacture and rent secondary standards which are used extensively in field calibrations. Certificates of calibration and complete reports are issued with each device upon which the calibration was performed.
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