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Water Consumption and Waste Water
Conflow offers stand-alone and integrated solutions to track water usage throughout your process. Turbines from Hoffer Flow Controls offer a reliable, inexpensive and accurate solution. Wastewater magnetic flow meters are available from Hoffer Flow Controls in sizes up to 120 inches.
Boiler Makeup Water
The Hoffer Flow Controls line-up of low cost turbine flow meters are widely used on boiler makeup water applications. A wide range of optional transmitters and controls are available for integration into any application.
Natural Gas Measurement
The Fox Thermal Instruments mass flow meter is ideally suited to the measurement of natural gas flow to a boiler.
This precision instrument directly measures the mass flow rate of a gas without the need for pressure or temperature compensation.
Liquid and Gas Flow Switch/ Liquid Level Switch
The Fox Thermal Instruments SW100 Thermal Switch is the ideal solution for a wide range of stationary engineering applications.
Portable Measurement Solutions
Conflow Technologies’ BC210PA liquid management system is a battery powered, portable magnetic flow meter ideally suited as an in house or on site measurement standard for flow meter validations, and tank calibrations.

No.2 Fuel Oil Measurement
The Actaris Neptune VLF (very low flow) series of meters are designed to measure the consumption of No.2 fuel oil to a boiler. These inexpensive positive displacement meters are available for flows ranging from 1 to 1500 LPH (.25 to 396 US gpm) and have an optional pulse output.
Chemical Feed Monitoring
Conflow Technologies has a wide range of low cost measurement devices available for chemical feed system consumption monitoring and control.
Process Integration
Conflow Technologies has over 20 years experience supplying custom engineered controls systems to the agriculture industry. Our fully qualified service team are capable of complete configuration, design and integration of flow measurement, control systems, valve, pump, pressure and temperature measurement, air elimination, filtration, level control, online samplers, and analytical instruments.
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