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    Sanitary Meters  
Proces-Data PD340 Electro-Magnetic Flow Transmitter
Sanitary applications
No moving parts
Robust and compact design
Factory configured to suit customer requirements
Constructed to be independent of variations in flow profile, even the liquids with different viscosity such as milk, cream, and liquids containing solids, without any need for recalibration
Optimized for high accuracy and linearity. 1:100 turn down range
Measurement in any volumetric units

     Pulse and 4-20 mA outputs
     Batch control function
     Built-in PI flow controller
     Simple display connection (PD 210)
     IEC 61158 Fieldbus communication
     Two built-in counters for totalising the volume flow
     Inputs for temperature sensor and digital signal
     Current output error: plus ±0.3% of current output range
     Repeatability: Max. 0.5 x error
     Liquid temperature: -30°C1to 100°C
     Liquid pressure: Max. 10 bar
     Liquid conductivity: Min. 5 μS/cm
     Power supply: 24V AC ±15% or 24V DC ±15%
     Power consumption: Max. 6 W
     3-A - Authorization No.: 1382
     MID 2004/22/EC - Evaluation Certificate number TC7204
PD340C25 to C76 Brochure.PDF
PD340C102 Brochure.PDF
PD210 Brochure.PDF
PD340 Operating Manual.PDF