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    Precision Gas Turbine  
Hoffer HO Series Turbine Flow Meter - Gas
Low cost
Outstanding accuracy
Provides wide flow ranges
Wide variety of process connections available
Operate over a wide range of temperatures and pressures
Exclusive use of hybrid ceramic ball bearings providing superior longevity

     Overrange: 150% of maximum flow (intermittently).
     Turn Down Range: Dependent on gas density at user's operating conditions.
     Linearity: ±1% of reading typical. ***
     Repeatability: ±0.25% over tabulated repeatable range. Note: Performance enhancement techniques are routinely applied to produce wider linear and useable flow ranges.
     Available Temperature Range: -450°F to +350°F continuous (to +400°F intermittent heat). Dependant on bearing/coil selection.
     End Fittings: MS flared and flanged styles are recommended. Other types available on request.
     Bearing Styles: Self-lubricating, ceramic hybrid ball bearings.
     Materials: 316/316L dual rated stainless steel standard. Consult with applications group for corrosive applications. Broad material list available.
*** Linearity is density-dependent for a given meter. Consult factory for details.
HO Series Turbine Flow Meter_Gas.PDF
HO Series Turbine Flow Meter Manual.PDF