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    Insertion Gas Turbine  
Hoffer HP Series Insertion Turbine Flow Meter -Gas Service
Low cost Low pressure drop
Wide flow turndown ranges
Outstanding accuracy
Applications from 4" to 72" pipe diameters.
Specials upon request
Process connection flexibility
May be installed or removed from active line without stopping service
-20 to +400°F standard operating temperature range with Viton Seal

     Linearity: ±2% in 10:1 Flow Turndown Ratios (typical). Turndown ratio depends on gas density.
     Repeatability: ± .25% Standard.
     Max Operating pressure:
150 psi low pressure adjustable model.
2500 psi fixed model.**
2500 psi high pressure adjustable model.**
** Dependent on process connection & temperature.
     Bearing: Ceramic Hybrid Ball Bearings, Tungsten Carbide and Hard Carbon Composite Sleeve Bearings.
     Materials: 316SS Stem, housing and rotor support; Brass steam guide; Viton seal, with others available. Nickel 200 430 SS or 17.4 SS (standard) rotor.
     Output signal: Output level - 10 mV RMS minimum.
     Magnetic coil: Wave shape - sinusoidal. DC resistance of sense coil - 2000 OHMS. Variable reluctance type coil.
HP Series Insertion Turbine Flow Meter.PDF
HP Series Insertion Turbine Flow Meter Manual.PDF