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    Low Flow Liquid Turbine  
Hoffer MF Series Mini-Flow Turbine Flow Meter - Liquid Service
Industrial and laboratory applications
Accurate low flow measurement
For clean, low and moderate viscosity liquids or gas services
Offers ceramic hybrid ball bearings, tungsten carbide or hard carbon composite sleeve bearings
Explosion-proof or Intrinsically safe meter systems

     Repeatable Flow Range in GPM (CC/M) With ball bearing
        MF20: 0.007-0.065 (26.5-250)
        MF30: 0.085-0.150 (32.0-575) 
        MF40: 0.010-0.200 (38.0-750) 
        MF50: 0.013-0.350 (50.0-1325)
        MF60: 0.015-0.500 (57.0-1900)
        MF70: 0.030-0.750 (115-2850)
        MF80: 0.040-1.00 (150-3750)
        MF90: 0.050-1.25 (200-4750)
        MF100: 0.060-1.60 (225-6000)
        MF125: 0.075-2.10 (275-8000)
        MF150: 0.080-3.00 (300-11500)
        MF175: 0.100-3.50 (375-13250)
     End Fitting Type: 1/2" MS-33656-8 (Std. others available upon request)
     Operating Pressure:
       1000 PSI (standard)
       6000 PSI (optional)
     Operating Temperature:
       Mag. Pickup: -450 to +450°F
       High Temp. Pickup: -450 to +850°F
       Housing: 316 Stainless Steel
       Bearing: Ceramic Hybrid Ball Bearings (self-lubricating) Optional Tungsten Carbide Sleeve; Optional Carbon Composite Sleeve
     Rotor: 17.4 PH (standard);
        Optional 430 SS or Ni 200
        Seal: Rulon-J (standard, others available)
MF Series Mini-Flow Turbine Flow Meter.PDF
MF Series Mini-Flow Turbine Flow Meter Manual.PDF