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    Corrosive Service Turbine  
Hoffer TEFLON Series Corrosive Service Turbine Meter
Recommended for corrosive service and ultrapure water flow applications
Suitable for clean liquid service at one centistoke
Flow rate capability from 0.35 to 485 GPM, (1/4" through 3" sizes)
Provides frequency output
Mates with RF flanges per ANSI or DIN flanges

     Linearity: ±1% of reading over linear flow range
     Repeatability: ±0.1 of reading over repeatable flow range
     Temperature & Pressure Limitations: 35ºF minimum and 125ºF maximum temperature range acceptable. 300 PSIG pressure limitation
     Pressure Drop: Less than 4 PSI at maximum linear flow rate
     Output: 20 mV RMS or greater into a 10 K ohm load at a minimum flow rate
     A complete line of flow meter signal conditioners (preamplifiers) and flow computers are available
TEFLON Series Corrosive Service Turbine Meter.PDF
TEFLON Series Corrosive Service Turbine Meter Manual.PDF