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    Cryogenic Service System  
Hoffer ACE II Series Cryogenic Service System
Increased accuracy to ±0.1% by flow meter linearization
Factory-programmed to user's specifications
Ease of operation with operator help prompts
Volumetric mode uses programmable temperature, pressure, and density
Temperature compensation (Optional)
Fault tolerant; upon transducer failure, unit reverts to pre-programmed temperature, pressure, and density
Maintains and prints calibration records Time and date stamping of delivery documents and reports
Malfunction warning messages
Password security to prevent unauthorized access to setup and maintenance modes
Preventive maintenance notification
Audit trail support
Ease of maintenance due to extensive self-checking provisions which simplify problem isolation
32-character, alphanumeric display

     Linearity: ±1% of reading over linear range
     Display: 32-character, alphanumeric, backlit LCD display with optional heaters to prevent fogging. Character height is 0.3". English or metric units are user defined
     Keypad: LIN, LOX and LAR systems are equipped with five momentary keys
     Operating temperature: -20° to +70°C (+4° to +158°F)
     Storage temperature: -40° to +90°C (-40 to +194°F)
     Input Sensitivity: 10 mVrms. RF and bandpass filtered. Magnetic pickup compatible
     Temperature Probe: 1000 ohm, platinum RTD-compatible
     Pressure Transmitter (Optional): 4 - 20 mA or 1 - 5 VDC analog output, 0 - 300 or 0 - 500 psia range transmitter
     Pulse Output (Optional): The pulse output is a scaled pulse (1 pulse per gallon, SCF, etc.) It is offered as a TTL/CMOS or open collector type pulse. Max. output is 125 pulses/second
     Power Input: 
        12 VDC ±10% (2 AMP maximum current) 
        24 VDC ±0% (2 AMP maximum current) 
        Optional 115/220 VAC with power pak converter
     Input-filtered, reverse polarity and fault-protector
     Trailer power suitable for positive or negative ground
     Printer/Communication Interface: 
        RS232 Drive level compatibility 
        Handshake methods XON/XOFF, hardware handshake, or none
     Baud Rate: User selectable
     Optional Bluetooth® wireless interface
     Self-Checking Capabilities
ACE II Series Cryogenic Service System.PDF
ACE II Series Cryogenic Service System Manual.PDF