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    Battery Powered Meter  
Hoffer Transi-Flo II - Ultrasonic Flower Meter
Battery powered (For 6 years operation)
No moving parts Low pressure drop
High measurement accuracy
Long term stability
Signal and display rate, total flow and pressure
Data archiving Optical & RS232 communication interface
Measurement processing w/ 4-20mA or pulse signal

     Line size: 1-1/4' to 12''
     Pressure rating: ANSI 150# & 300#
      32.18 -190°F (0.1-90°C) Meter mount
      32.18-266°F (0.1-130°C) Remote mount
     Accuracy: According to EN14154
     Pressure Loss: <1.5psi
      Max. continuous rating
     Turndown: 200:1
     Ambient Temp: 32-131°F (0-55°C)
     Enclosure: IP67 (NEMA 4)
     Flange options; ANSI, JIS, DIN & AS
     Flow sensor material: CS. Or SS.
     Power supply: Li Battery 3.6V/16Ah
     Display unit: Single-line 8 character LCD
     Output signal: Pulse (U=5~25V, I<=10mA)
     Optional: 24V 4~20mA output
     Optional optical interface communication
     Optional RS232 port
     Optional data archiving facility
     Optional remote display w/ IP68 flow sensor
     Optional pressure measurement 0-217 psig (0-16Bar
     Optional drinking-water version (All SS construction)
Transi-Flo II -Ultrasonic Flow Meter.PDF