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    Preamp Signal Conditioner  
Hoffer PET, Preamp Signal Conditioner
PET-5 0-10 VDC Square Pulse
PET-6 Open Collector

     Supply Voltage: 7.5-30VDC regulated
             12-30VDC regulated (PET-5)
     Supply Current at 30 VDC max: ?
             <= 3mA (0-5V)
             <=12mA (0-10V)
             <=20mA (OC)
             <=5mA (Current loop)
     Output signal: Std. 0-10V R Load > 20 k?/DIV>
             TTL: 0-5V OC: Open collector, NPN
     Frequency Range: 5Hz to 10Hz at specified sensitivity.
     Input Sensitivity: 12mVpp
     Distance pickoff/Preamp: 500ft max
     Temperature range: -40 to 221 Deg F (-40 to 105 Deg. C)
     Terminal / Pin Connections:
               1. Input VDC;
               2. Common;
               3. Pulse Out(+);
               4. Mag Pickup;
               5. Mag Pickup
     CE-Compliance: EN55011, EN50022-2
PET Preamp Signal Conditioner.PDF