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    Field-Mount Rate Totalizer  
Contrec 202D Field-Mount Rate Totaliser
Cenelec, CSAUS/C approved
Displays Rate, Total and Accumulated Total
Battery, Loop or DC powered
Intrinsically safe version - 202Di
Watertight to IP67 (NEMA 4X)
Wall, pipe, panel or flowmeter mounting
Fully programmable
4-20mA output
High & low alarms
CE compliant

         Total: 7 digit 10mm (0.4") high LCD (continuously powered).
         Note: The Resettable Total is resettable from the front panel and the Accumulated Total is displayed when the ACCUM TOT key is pressed.
         Rate: 4 digit 8.5mm (0.33") high LCD (continuously powered)
     K-factor Range: The pulses per unit of measure (eg. pulses/gallon) is programmable in the range 0.000001 to 999,999
     Decimal Points: Fully programmable for Rate and Total
     Time Base: Rates can be displayed in units per second, minute, hour or day
     Frequency Range: 0.01Hz to 10kHz
     Signal Type: Switch settable for sine wave (15mV P-P minimum), open collector, reed switch or pulse
     Interference: CE compliance
     Operating Temperature: -20 to 60°C
     Enclosure Dimensions: 98mm (3.9") high x 152mm (6.0") wide x 43mm (1.7") deep
     Protection: IP67 (Nema 4X) watertight
     Cable Entry: By cable glands
     Materials: Polycarbonate and ABS
     Mounting Option: Wall mount, Pipe Mount, Panel Mount and Turbine Meter (Bottom and rear mounting stems are available for mounting the 202D directly on turbine flow meters which have a 1" NPT or BSP boss)
     Battery Powered Version:
           Battery Type: 2 x Lithium battery packs
           Battery Life: 5 years Loop Powered 4-20mA
     Loop Powered 4-20mA Output Version:
           Scale: The 4mA and 20mA points are programmable
           Resolution & Linearity: 0.05% of span
           Accuracy: 0.05% of span at 25°C
           Update Time: 0.5s
           Connection: 2 wire
           Voltage Across Output: 28V dc maximum
           Voltage Drop: 9V maximum
           Memory Backup: Lithium battery
     DC Powered / Alarm or Pulse Output Version
           Outputs: 2 x solid state relay outputs suitable for driving DC solenoids or external relays. The outputs provide  fully programmable high & low flow alarms or a pulse output & low alarm
           Pulse Output: Scaled or unscaled pulse output, 500Hz maximum Pulse  width depends on output frequency and varies from 100mSec to 1mSec
           Switching Power: 200mA, 30V dc maximum
           Saturation Voltage: 0.8V dc across outputs when in the "on" state
           Isolation: Both outputs are separately isolated.
           DC Power Input: 9-28V at 4mA maximum
           Memory Backup: Lithium battery
202D Rate Totalizer.PDF