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    Loop-Powered Rate/Total  
Contrec 202A Loop-Powered Rate Totaliser
Powered by 4-20mA loop
Displays Rate, Total and Accumulated
Total Linear or square law inputs
High and low flow rate alarm
Pulse output
Intrinsically safe
Watertight to IP67 (Nema 4X)
Wall, pipe and panel mounting
Fully programmable
CE Compliant

     Continuously powered LCD display
          Resettable Total: 7 digits with 10mm (0.4'') high digits Resettable from front panel
          Accumulated Total: Displayed when the Accumulated Total button is pressed
     Rate: 4 digits with 8.5mm (0.33'') high digits
     Span: The units of measure per time base (eg. gallons/sec) is programmable up to 999,999
     Decimal Points: Decimal point positions are fully programmable for both rate and total
     Time base: Span can be programmed in units per second, minute, hour or day
     Signal Type: 4-20mA
     4-20mA Input:
         Resolution and Linearity: 0.05% of span
         Accuracy: 0.05% of span at 25°C; 0.1% (typ) of span, full temperature range
         Update Time: 0.5 seconds
         Connection: Two wire
         Voltage Drop: 2.5 volts maximum
     Alarm/Pulse Outputs:
         Type: Two solid state relay outputs suitable for driving DC solenoids or external relays. The outputs provide high and low flow alrms; or pulse output and low flow alarm.
         Switching Power: 200mA. 30VDC maximum.
         Saturation Voltage: 0.8VDC typical across the output in the ''on'' state
         Isolation: Both outputs are seperately opto-isolated.
         Pulse Duration (for pulse output):
               a. 1ms if output frequency > 50Hz
               b. 10ms if output frequency is 5...50Hz
               c. 100ms if output frequency is < 5Hz.
     Temperature: Operating temperature: -20°C-60°C
     Dimensions: 98mm (3.9'') high x 152mm (6.0'') wide x 43mm (1.7'') deep (cable glands not included)
     Protection: Sealed to Nema 4X or IP67 standards
     Mounting Options: Wall mount; Panel mount; Pipe mount
202A Rate Indicator & Totalizer.PDF