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    Rate Totalizer with HART®  
Hoffer HRT-1 Rate Indicator & Totalizer with HART® Communication Protocol
HART® Field Communication Protocol
5 Digit Rate, 8 Digit Totalizer LCD display with configurable decimal point location
8 Digit, Non-resettable Grand Total display
Pulse Input supports turbine as well as many other pulse generating flowmeters
4-20mA Analog Output
Up to 20 Point Linearization
Optional Scaled Pulse Output representing an increment of volume for each pulse
Two Optional Alarm Outputs configurable for Rate and Total
Magnetically operated reed switch for Total reset.
Internal battery backup
Configuration and Grand Total stored in non-volatile memory. Grand Total saved once per minute

     TOTAL DISPLAY: 8 Digits 0.26" high. Resettable. Total Units: GAL, LIT, FT3, M3, BBL &"blank"
     GRAND TOTAL: 8 Digits 0.26" high, Non-resettable. Value stored once per minute in non-volatile memory.
     RATE DISPLAY: 5 Digits 0.5" High, Display updates once every two seconds
      Rate Units: /SEC, /MIN, /HR, & /DAY
      K-factor: The pulses per unit of Total (e.g. pulses/gallon) are configurable in the range 0.001 to 99,999,999
      Linearization: Up to 20 points
      Decimal Points: Configurable for 0, .0, .00 or .000
      Accuracy: Total: ±1 count, Rate: ±0.01%
     Magnetic Pickup:
  Frequency Range: 0.2 Hz to 5000 Hz
  Signal Level: 30 mVp-p to 30Vp-p
     Opto-Isolated DC Pulse:
  Frequency Range: 0 Hz to 5000 Hz
  Signal Type: DC Pulse.
  High (Logic 1): 4 to 30 VDC ; Low (Logic 0): <1 VDC
  Min Pulse Width: 0.1 msec
     Contact Closure:
  Frequency Range: 0 to 5000 Hz
  Signal Type: Contact closure,
 Internal Pull-up: 220 KW to +3.3 VDC
  Signal Type: Contact closure
  Min On: 25 msec
  Internal Pull-Up: 100KW to +3.3 VDC
  External Magnet: Activates internal reed switch
     Voltage: 8 to 30 VDC
     Current: <24 mA
     Loop Burden: 8 VDC maximum
     Supply Backup: (1) C-size Lithium battery
     Battery Life: 6 years typical
     Protection: Reverse polarity protected
     Scale: 4-20mA follows rate
     Accuracy: 0.02% of Full Scale       20°C
     Temperature drift: 40 ppm/°C
     Update Time: 2.0 seconds
     Connection: Two wire
     Type: 0-5 TTL, 0-Supply Voltage, open collector (30 VDC,100mA)
     Type: 0-5V TTL, 0-Supply voltage, open collector (30 VDC, 100 mA)
     Function: Rate or Total
HRT-1 Rate Indicator & Totalizer.PDF
HRT-1 Manual.PDF