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    Sanitary Sample Valves  
Isolok M-4KSA & Koltek K34-2120 Sampler
Bristol IsolokSampler M-4KSA
Small body bore diameter reduced wetted area & improves clean-ability
Frond rod seal is sanitary O-ring design, easy to clean
Body, head & barrel are rounded & streamlined for easy cleaning
A bottle port closure is included, which prevents accidental entrance of contamination through the discharge port.
KoltekSampler K34-2120
Insensitive to pressure, flow rate & viscosity
Sampling is based on part samples, ensuring representative total sample
3 different part sample sizes are available to optimize the total sample volume
Can be controlled based on timing or on the flow rate
Can be cleaned in CIP

Bristol Isolok Sampler M-4KSA
     Sample volume per cycle: 2cc
     Sample bottle volume: 2litre, 4litre
     Cycle range: Max. 30samples/1min; Min. 1 sample/17min.
     Compressed air required: <=30 psig
     Electricity required: 115V, 1f, 60(0r50)Hz
     Connection: 1 ½ std. ferrule
Koltek Sampler K34-2120
     Sample volume per cycle: 2cc
     Material: AISI 304 SS
     Seal ring material: Viton
     Finish: Semi bright
     Compressed air pressure: 500-700KPa
     Air consumption: 0.35dm3/operation
     Max. working pressure: 500kPa
     Max. working Temp: 100°C
KoltekSampler K34-2120.PDF