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    Sanitary Reception  
Conflow PD5010 Sanitary Reception Systems
Flow rate from 3 to 500 GPM
Vacuum based air eliminator
Online sampling
Data acquisition
Tank cling recovery
Ticket printing

     Vacuum air eliminator
  Capacity: 1333LPM or 1500LPM
  304SS Tri-Clamp Inlet & Outlet fitting
     304SS. Tee style strainer with Tri-clamp inlet/outlet
     Pump Inlet /Outlet spool assemblies
     PD340-C63 2 ½" Approved Flow Transmitter, square chamber design, with diagnostic port & custom approved program
     Downstream multi-port spool, including PT100 Temperature probe, 0-100 psi pressure gauge and CIP port for air eliminator
     3" Pneumatic actuated throttle valves, butterfly style, with tri-clamp ends
     PD5010/3100 Master Computer Control System
  Operator watertight keypad
  Supertwist LCD display
  Operator prompts
  Plain text system diagnostics
  Data acquisition programme (compatible with windows 95/98/2000/NT)
  Version 3.2 enhanced programme
  System inputs/outputs all solenoids and relays
  Bulkhead quick disconnect air fittings
  Mounted in NEMA 4 watertight enclosures
  All programmes written and supported by Conflow
  Includes PC/P-NET communication card
  Includes PC data acquisition package
     Serial Interface Tractor Feed Continuous Form-Feed Printer
  120VAC Powered
  RS232C interface
  Table top version
  1000 3 part multi-part forms included
     SAM005 Isolok Piston Sampler
  2.0 ml per stroke piston
  Nalgene bottle adaptor
  Nalgene 2-litre sample bottles
     TRD002, 4 wire 1 ½" Tri-clamp PT100 Temperature Probe
PD5010 Sanitary Reception System.PDF