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    Sanitary Farm Loadout  
Conflow PD4000FS Sanitary Farm Loadout System
Powerful microprocessor-based technology
Controls levels, pumps, plate heat exchangers, sampling and destination routing to the tanker.Monitors temperatures, flow rates and volumes as well as tanker capacity
Full self-diagnostics display and log in the controller as well as a PC
PD4000FS controller displays information in English or Spanish at the press of a key
Data is collected through Vigo software X Compatible with common database packages such as MS Access and MS Excel
Print three-part ticket for hard copy record
PD340 Electro-Magnetic Flow Transmitter X No moving parts X Unique "quad chamber" design is not affected by product viscosity or flow profile

     Air elimination tank with three level switches
     Pump controlled by VFD (Variable frequency drive)
     Check valve Air blow port
     Well water plate heat exchanger, c/w two solenoid valves for two stage control.
     Glycol chiller plate heat exchanger Inline milk sampler
     Proces-Data PD340 electromagnetic flow transmitter
     Temperature probe (PT100 4 wire)
     Product probe (tuning fork type)
     Outlet valve Proximity switches at each bay (connection integrity)
     PD4000FS controller Microsoft Access compatible
PD4000FS Sanitary Farm LoadoutSystem.PDF