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    Industrial Meters  
Hoffer Nor-Mag Electro-Magnetic Flow Meter
High accuracy Long-term stability
Bi-direction flow direction
No moving parts
No pressure drop or hydraulic anomalies
Integral functions of batching control, empty pipe indication & meter status diagnostics
USB & RS485 ports

     Line size: ½" to 12" (Available to 48")
     Nominal pressure: ANSI 150#, 300#, 600# (Size dependant )
     Min. media conductivity: 20μS/cm (5μS/cm on agreement)
     Ambient Temp: 23 to 131 °F (-5 to 55°C)
     Electrode Material: SS; Hastelloy-C4, Platinum; Tantalum
     Sensor Lining: Soft or hard rubber, Teflon
     Style: Electronics meter or remote mounted
     Process connection: Flange or wafer
     Max. media Temp.: <=11 °F (155°C) depending on sensor lining
     Accuracy: ±0.3% for 10 to 100% ; ±0.5% for 5 to 100%
     Measuring range: 0.1 to 10m/s
     Indication of empty pipe: 2" and up
     Units: Gallon, Litre, Cubic meter
     Output (isolated): Current -4~20mA 
         Frequency -0~1,000Hz 
         Pulse -0.001~1,000 litres per pulse 
         Ports -C USB, RS485
     Power supply:  24/115/230V±10%, 50to60Hz(AC),
         24±10% (DC)
     Enclosure: IP67, IP68
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