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Electro Magnetic Flow Meters
  PD340 Sanitary Flow Metter
  BC210PA Portable Meter
  Nor-Mag Industrial Flow Meter
Turbine Flow Meters
  HO Precision Turbine For Gas
  HP Insertion Turbine For Gas
  MF Mini-Flow Turbine For Gas
  HO3A Sanitary Turbine
  HO Precision Turbine For Liquid
  HP Insertion Turbine For Liquid
  MF Mini-Flow Turbine For Liquid
  Lo-Co Economical Turbine
  API Turbine For Liquid Petroleum
  HO Star Series Industrial Turbine
  Corrosive Service Turbine
  "ACE" Cryogenic Service System
Positive Displacement Meters
  DC-F Sanitary PD Meter
  DC-I Precision PD Meter
  DC-E Economical PD Meter
  Low-Flow Trickle Meter
  HP-I High Pressure PD Meter
  BL Extreme Pressure PD Meter
  OMG/OME Volumeter
Ultrasonic Flow Meters
  Transi-Flo I Ultrasonic Meter
  Transi-Flo II Ultrasonic Meter
Thermal Mass Flow Meters
  FT2 Thermal Mass Flow Meter
  10A Thermal Mass Flow Meter
  SW100 Flow & Level Switch
  Engineering Integration
  Sanitary Sample Valves
  PD5010 Sanitary Reception Systems
  PD4000FS Sanitary Farm Loadout System
  PD4000DS Fertilizer Loading System
  PD4000HS High Speed Loading System
  6000 Chemicals Management System
Signal Conditioners
  CAT-1 Loop Powered Converter
  CAT-2 DC/AC Signal Conditioner
  CAT-3 Intelligent Microprocessor
  PET Digital to Analog Converter
  PET Preamp Signal Conditioner
Rate Indicator & Totalizer
  202D Field-Mount Rate / Totaliser
  202A Loop-Powered Rate / Totalizer
  HIT-2A Intelligent Rate / Totalizer
  HRT-1 Rate / Totalizer with HART
Batch Controllers
  414 Series Batch Controller


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